Pau Rau
designer and developer

Independent Game Development

I am an independent designer and a programmer. I believe in creating polished games with unique mechanics and solve technical challenges along the way. I put a lot of heart into each project and try to make games as simple as possible. Over time my passion grew in the space of smaller pocket gaming. Initially it started off with creating browser games and as mobile development became mainstream, I switched my tools and continued working on various game projects. In university, I participated in various nation wide mobile competitions and won numerous awards. My adventure with game development dates over 10 years back. Here is one of my earlier Flash game projects from 2008: [Click here]

Development Philosophy

Each project I tackle is unique and carries technical challenges in the fields of algebra, math, server infrastructure, latest Apple technology, notification services, cash tournaments and uses frameworks such as OneSignal, Skillz eSports , Apple Pay, Amazon AWS, Google AdMob, Facebook Analytics. I closely track the mobile market and technology to utilize the latest services.

I like to combine clean code and well abstracted code structures with the esthetics of minimal graphics design. Combined with the fast paced and small nature of mobile game projects, it’s what attracts me most to mobile games. As a computer scientist and engineer, I often use my coding abstractions and game development expertise at workplace.

Languages and Technologies

The main language I develop games with is C++ with the Cocos2dx game engine however I also worked with Unity and XNA (C#) and I interface with Obj-C for some iOS specific development. Even though I rarely work with 3D, I have some experience with writing OpenGL shaders and using 3D tools. Here are some of the languages and technologies I have used during game development

  • C++, Obj-C, C#, Java
  • Cocos2dx, Unity Game Engines
  • Amazon AWS, REST, DynamoDB
  • Adobe Suite


Here is a partial portfolio of my most recent games.


Blocki! is a unique game you haven’t seen before. Guide a bird on the board to collect all the scattered pieces and create the displayed shape. Evaluate your logical thinking ability, reflexes, accuracy and creativity. If you’re up for a brand new brain teaser you found the right place.

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Sausage Toss

A game about tossing sausages and sticking them on sharp objects on the screen. It features advanced physics level design as well as a minimalistic and clean design.

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Pop The Shapes

A puzzle game about placing shapes in the correct place on the board. It’s simple and fun. It’s localized to over 15 languages.

Drop Blitz

An original puzzle game. It has been featured in “Underrated Puzzle Games To Play On IOS” at:


Birds On Wires

A casual game about keeping a bird in the air and advancing downwards by snapping power lines. It includes multiplayer functionality whereby a player’s game state is sent and persisted on the server and used in player vs player challenges.

Onto Next Ring

A fast paces, hyper casual game with a very unique, one touch mechanic about advancing a puck forward through rings. This game involved custom written geometry calculation and logic in order to link the rings with paths. The path and the rings are drawn programmatically using primitives.

Guess The Riddle

An app featuring a set of animated riddles with voice over and captions. Each riddle is composed around a mystery and the user is presented with a question at the end. It’s similar to TED Riddles on Youtube except here the videos are highly interactive since every movement is animated rather than being a recorded playback.

Hoops Dunk

A hyper casual game about advancing a ball through basketball hoops. This game features carefully picked color palette to pick current market trends.