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Based in Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Jan 11, 2019

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Sausage Toss is a game where the player tosses sausages and attempts to stick them onto a sharp object or edges indicated on the screen all done in a minimalistic one-thumb gameplay style. The game contains 100+ hand crafted levels with various physics elements such as object balancing and rope attachments. In addition, there are a lot of various stimulating surprises included along the way such as a light bulb turning on or a stopwatch alarm going off upon landing the sausage on the indicated spike. There are also bonus levels with animated story-like scenarios where the player interacts with the character(s) on the screen in a certain way all done simply by tossing the sausages. The game design takes on a very intuitive and clean approach without excessive menus and text.


  • 100+ levels.
  • Localized in: CHI, ENG, FRA, GER, HIN, ITA, JPN, KOR, MAY, POL, POR, RUS, SPA, THA, TUR.
  • Supports Dark Mode!
  • Over 1 hour of gameplay.
  • High user retention. One in six people complete the entire game.


Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (1MB)


Selected Quotes

  • "Its awesome plus theres barely adds 🙂 frusterating when you dont get a level but…its still awesome i love the bonus levels tere really cool and i tely am so happy i downloaded it you should download it i absulutaly LOVE IT!!!"
    - M Hus,
  • "Love this game! lots of fun. I’ve been following it for a while and the game is constantly being worked on. Great updates. Challenging at times, but you can actually get it before you get frustrated and quit. not too many ads."
    - Celi Belle,
  • "Best game ever"
    - Roberto Arevalo,

About Pau Rau

Mobile game development studio focusing primarily on casual puzzle genre.

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Sausage Toss Credits

Paul Raubic
Game Designer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks